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Where do the patterns that no longer serve us come from-patterns of abuse, self-abuse, addiction and patterns of unmet needs are all patterns of survival-the way to survive. These and other patterns can be handed down via our ancestry. The reason these patterns persist is because at some level, they have worked to keep us alive, have helped us to survive. Another way is to look at these patterns as coping strategies that our parents, grandparents, and ancestors have used to survive, and it worked well. You have survived therefore, we know they work. They might not be working for you to thrive, to live life to its fullest.

We learn many things, patterns included, by observing. We learn to walk by observing others walking and practicing. There are no books on how to walk. We observe and practice. The learning is in the doing. Others may help us along the way. If we watched our parents coping with alcohol, we may learn to use chemicals to cope. The more stress we have, the more likely we are to use chemicals just to get by.

The patterns of our ancestors get handed down in the form of patterns, belief systems, behaviours and actions. The first step in changing patterns is to recognize that the pattern exists. Sometimes the pattern or the belief system that perpetuates the patterns are so ingrained we see them as a truth rather than a changeable belief until we begin to see things from another perspective. Belief systems perpetuate patterns even when it is no longer serving you. When we have a belief system of punishment, we see life through a lens of punishment. Changing the belief system helps to change the pattern. We see the world through a different belief system, lens. Gentleness with self is paramount to identify underlying belief systems.

We offer tools to help you identify and change old patterns that are no longer serving you. Are you ready to transform these patterns for good?

Yes I am ready to transform my life for good!